Business Rescue is a very cumbersome administrative process in order to  comply with the Companies Act.  There are so many steps that need to follow each other with defined maximum time periods and missing step and deadlines can expose the Business Rescue Practitioner to an enormous amount of risk.

This Process includes web based software as well as locally installed software to minimise the administration risk of a Business Rescue case.

This process software becomes the portal through which the client will submit information to the Business Rescue Practitioner and in such a way that some of the information gathering work are done by the clients themselves so that the Business Rescue Practitioner can focus on the rescue rather than manual information gathering.

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  • Web based application process?
  • Web based Risk Assessment?
  • 3rd Party Software integration?
  • Communication tool to Affected parties?
  • Compliance with the Act?
  • Development of the business plan?
  • Working Paper file for indemnity purposes?
  • Excel Financial Model